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Module 3

Module 3 - Promethean Orientation Outline
  • Browser Tabs
  • Resource Browser
  • Page Browser
  • Notes Browser
  • Actions Browser
  • Property Browser
  • Objects Browser
  • Inserting Links to documents
  • Inserting links to websites
To make the video screen(s) larger, right click on the video box, choose zoom, and then choose full screen. There is also a link provided to access the videos on MCHS Google Drive if there is a problem with play ability.

Promethean Orientation 3

Link to Promethean Orientation 3 video
Promethean Orientation 3

Property Browser A

Link to Property Browser video
ActivInspire Property Browser

Property Browser B

Link to Property Browser video
Property Browser

Action Browser

Link to Making a Picture Appear
Making a Picture Appear

Creating Action Objects - Hide & Reveal Text

Link to Hide & Reveal Text video
Hide & Reveal Text

Install Links - Action Browser

Link to Install Links video
Install Links

Taking Notes in ActivInspire

Link to Taking Notes in ActivInspire video
Taking Notes in Inspire

Module 3 Resources
Level 3 Tips & Tricks

Review Flipcharts
(Right-click on the link to open in a new tab.  You will be redirected to the MCHS Google Drive.  In the middle of the window click on the download box.  A new window will open click on the blue download box. The flipchart will download to your computer and it can always be found in your downloads folder.  You can find your downloads folder by clicking on the start menu > my computer > look at the top left-hand side of window > click downloads folder at the top.  Locate the downloaded flipchart.  Open the flipchart in Activinspire.  Save the review flipcharts to your H: drive for future reference.  Use the review flipcharts to help you review the video content and to help you prepare for your Module quiz.  Interact with the flipcharts at your Promethean Board not from your computer.  Practice makes perfect and it will help you learn how to interact and use Promethean proficiently.  The same instructions will be used for Modules 2-4.)

Review Module 3 Flipchart