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Promethean Training 101

MCHS Promethean Training 101
The instructional format used in this training incorporates modeling/demonstration using step-by-step tutorials. All instructional materials will be available for download. Learners will apply the knowledge gained following the procedures demonstrated and using the step-by-step tutorial(s) as a guide. They will practice each procedure on a classroom ActivBoard, experiencing the procedural process as a principal user. Learners will have the opportunity to experience the process during assessment training, practicing first hand and have backup procedural information for review if necessary.

Training Description:
Participants will learn how to use the Promethean technology and digital resources effectively in a classroom setting. This training will introduce you to Core Essentials of Promethean ActivInspire. This training will also touch on some intermediate and advanced essentials of ActivInspire. You will learn and demonstrate how to use several of the essential tools within ActivInspire. You will be able to create, save, and print a flipchart. Throughout this training process you will build from the Core Essentials to intermediate and advanced techniques within ActivInspire.

Learning Outcome(s):
Learners will know and understand how to use and navigate through the basic tools and functions using ActivInspire. Learners will advance through a building process furthering their knowledge beyond the basics and onto intermediate and advanced techniques with building flipcharts. Learners will create at least one flipchart of a three (3) slide minimum to use for a lesson of their choice within their 180 template.

Assessment(s) for each Module:
Throughout each module training participants will be required to watch several short videos on different topics within the module. These various video tutorials will be accompanied by review flipcharts. Participants will be given a set time frame to watch all videos in the module. Participants will then download the given review flipcharts and save each flipchart to their home folder (H drive). The accompanying flipcharts will be used as a review of topics covered in the tutorial videos. The instructor will choose different points from the video tutorial for learners to demonstrate individual interaction with the ActivBoard. This individual assessment is a key component in advancing to the next module training. The learner will not advance to the next module training until an assessment with the instructor has been completed, documented and signed. All module assessments / checklists will be documented and kept on file for PLU credit(s). The learner will not receive any PLU credit(s) or a completion certificate until ALL module assessments are completed by the instructor, documented and signed.

Final Project:
Upon completion of all modules the learner will create from scratch one (1) ActivInspire interactive flipchart with a minimum of three (3) interactive slides to be used with a lesson from the 180 template. A lesson flipchart form can be downloaded under Module 5 Final Project to fill out and return before demonstrating the lesson interactive flipchart. A copy of the lesson flipchart form and lesson interactive flipchart will be submitted as a final project, in addition to all module assessments, to be kept on file for PLU credit(s).

Upon full completion of the training requirements the teacher will receive a certificate of achievement.

Module Instructions
-The learner will be given a set amount of time to watch each video in this Module, download the review flipchart and perform the activities.

-The learner will review the flipchart for practice and demonstration using a Promethean Board.

-The instructor will email all learners of the schedule for watching each video(s) and to schedule an assessment during planning periods. PLEASE MAKE TIME TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

-The instructor will schedule an assessment time for a face-to-face demonstration of the set skills they have learned in the Module.

-The module assessment will consist of a demonstration of set skills chosen by the instructor. These set skills will come from each video in the module.

-For the learner to advance to the next Module in Promethean Training the learner must be proficient in the demonstration of set skills within each Module. A skills checklist and training level checklist will be used for each assessment.

-For the learner to successfully complete the Promethean Training each Module assessment checklist must be completed and the learner must create one interactive flipchart with a minimum of 3 interactive slides to be used with a lesson from the 180 template and demonstrate this interactive flipchart for the instructor.

-The instructor will schedule a time for the learner to demonstrate the lesson interactive flipchart.

-The learner will submit a final copy of the lesson flipchart form and a copy of the lesson interactive flipchart to the instructor for PLU credit(s).