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9th Grade Overview » 9th Grade Overview

9th Grade Overview

A Freshman Academy is a structured program that is designed to ease the transition of incoming freshman from middle school to high school.  The graduating class of 2012 will be the fourth class to enter through the Mitchell County High School Freshman Academy.  The purpose of the freshman academy is to generate the skills and motivation necessary for success in education by our high school students.  Ninth grade is the foundation of high school, and it must be real, relevant, rigorous, and built on relationships.  As a result, the focus of the Academy is to embrace all freshmen, to envelop them in the school community, and to help ensure individual success.

Freshman Academy Goals:
To create smaller, more personalized, and safer learning communities where teachers, staff, parents and community organizations care about each other and work collaboratively to challenge students and to support learning.
"To assist all high school students in maximizing their academic potential as demonstrated by meeting the challenging Georgia State Academic Standards.
"To help ensure that all students not only graduate, but do so equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful transition into a postsecondary education or career."

Positive Behaviors:
Please familiarize yourself with the information in the Student Handbook.  The discipline code, attendance procedures, tardy procedures, and other important information are detailed in the handbook.  Each student will receive a student handbook on the first day of school

What To Expect in 9th Grade:
Teaching Teams - Each student is grouped with a core set of academic teachers.  These teachers are grouped closely on one hall, and work together in teams to encourage the success of each student (Some variations in schedules may arise due to the academic needs of individual students and/or scheduling constraints).
Close Proximity - All 9th grade academic classrooms are located on one hall.  Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education classes are located in various parts of the building.

Dress Code:
Pants (also permitted:  shorts, skorts, skirts, and capris) Khaki or Navy ONLY
Shirts (solid in color) Red, White, or Blue polo style

AAA Awards:
To encourage a positive learning environment, 9th graders are rewarded for their efforts.  Ninth graders can qualify for the AAA Reward Celebration each nine week period.  To participate, students must be passing all classes, have received no office referrals, and have fewer than three tardies, and no absences.  Children experience success in the classroom and beyond when parents and students think straight A’s! 

When parents demonstrate a positive attitude, it makes a world of difference in the life of a child.  Parents are a child’s first teacher and continue to be influential as they grow and mature.  Children follow examples that are set for them, often taking the lead from the adults in their lives.  It is imperative that you and your family members model positive, responsible behaviors.  When parents and family members exhibit positive attitudes toward education and stress the importance of doing well in school, children achieve at a higher level.  Maintaining positive parental attitudes toward education affects how a child feels about school.
Regular school attendance is directly related to school success.  Parents must encourage children to attend school every day and to be on time.  Children who maintain good school attendance records enjoy higher levels of achievement.  Regular attendance ensures student success and builds positive work habits that also will be required in the workplace.  Parental attendance at school activities and involvement in educational opportunities is critical to student achievement.  Such involvement sends a clear message to students that their parents are interested in their success.

There is a direct relationship between parental support and student achievement.  Parents who embrace education possess a powerful ability to motivate and excite children to do well in school.  Parents who are engaged in their child’s education encourage extra effort and the pursuit of excellence.  They communicate consistent messages about appropriate and acceptable behavior, setting expectations and boundaries that help children and young adults be successful.
Melinda Hall-Language Arts 
Below are some additional information about the 9th Grade ELA Class.