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Scholarship List

SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION FOR SENIORS -Application Process Local Scholarships are beginning to arrive in Ms. L. Brinkley’s office for students who will be graduating in May 2019 and are planning to attend a 2 year or 4 year college. Click on the title to download a list of the scholarships.


In The Spotlight

Supplies List
8th and 9th Grade
10th-11th-12th,   #2 Pencils (for the school year); Notebook paper (for the school year), Composition notebooks
Black or blue erasable pens; 2 - black and white marble notebooks; 2 – Lined index Cards; Colored pencils; 4- two inch  binders (one for each term); 6 – Dividers; Pencil pouch for the notebook; Hand-held pencil sharpeners
Scientific calculators TI-30X IIS; 1- ruler
Dress Code:  Red, White, or Navy Blue collared polo style shirts (No designs of any type are allowed.) NO JOGGERS OF ANY KIND!!!!  Only khaki pants or shorts----- (No Cargo pants or cargo shorts).  Belt 
Solid Colored Hoodless Jackets (MCHS jackets are available through MCHS.  Prices are from $30-$35 depending on size.)
All students (10th-12th)  will need the following:
4- two inch  binders (one for each term); 6 dividers, 1 pack colored pencils, Notebook paper (at least 6 packs to start); Graphing calculator (for home use); Pencils on a daily basis; Pens (blue and black) on a daily basis
Small hand held pencil sharpener; Pencil pouch for the notebook; Composition notebooks,  2 packs lined index cards (3 x 5), 1 ruler

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